DevTeam и Геохот работают над анлоком 05.12.01

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DevTeam и Геохот работают над анлоком 05.12.01

22.02.2010 Без рубрики 0

Мы недавно писали, что Геохот не собирается работать над разблокировкой модема 05.12.01, который присутствует в прошивке 3.1.3.

Но в последней переписке в твиттере Геохота с DevTeam (MuscleNerd) видно, что оба работают над анлоком нового модема и для достижения цели, возможно, даже объеденят усилия. Вот сам текст переписки:

V: The tweet GeoHot of what it means?
GH: It ‘my exploits that will exploit the new unlock BB
P: But you’ve turned this discovery also DevTeam or are doing something with them?
GH: I hope that his is different, but most probably is the same that I used to deliver and operate blacksn0w
P: But it is still present in the new BB?
GH: Yes, I just checked but then I decided to use XEMN for public release
E: Apple is trying to «convert» all the new BB, blocking your way to unlock?
GH: Why not? Even if Apple does not resolve things with this new release
MN: GeoHot, we have probably found a way to know if we have the same exploit. Otherwise, we can release 2 different tools at the same time.
GH: Any suggestions?
MN: We do not know how to do it and avoid making things easy for some of us. We can try to make a hash stack dump.
C: This news may be external and visible to the public?
GH: We’re working on. Encryption, however, perfect for those people who do not trust each other.